1. What is 3DWOX?
    3DWOX is a high-quality 3D printer based on user friendly functions. Easy to use TOUCH UI, integrated with an internal camera, automatic filament installation etc. easy to use even for first time users. Wide variety of PLA and ABS colors. Build your dreams into reality.
  2. What files can I print with my 3D Printer?
    Ply. Obj, stl format files are supported. Currently on the basis of Stl files, files under 200mb can be printed.
  3. What type of filament can I print with 3DWOX?
    DP200 - PLA, ABS
    DP201 - PLA
    2X - PLA, ABS, Flexible, PVA ​
  4. How long does it take to print an object?
    It differs according to the model. Load the model and convert to Layer view, under the print button the printing duration will be calculated.
  5. Can I use more than one type/color filament when printing an object?
    Depending on the height of the printing object, using the cartridge exchange function, user is able to print with a variety of colors.
  6. What is a filament?
    Material for FFF system 3D printer. The main properties of filament is plastic, however there are filaments where metal and even wood is infused.
  7. How to load/unload the filament?
    Turn on the printer, press the cartridge button on the UI, pressing the Load button will initiate the loading process. In the loaded status, press the cartridge button in UI, the Unload button will initiate the unload process.
  8. Can I use other filaments other than provided by Sindoh?
    Yes. However only Sindoh products come with a smart chip that allow a seamless experience when reloading filament into the cartridge.
  9. What software and operating system do I need to properly run 3DWOX?
    Any operating system above windows 7 and both 32bit and 64bit or Mac OSX 10.10(above) can use the program and Display Adaptor should support OpenGL 2.0 or above.
  10. What's the print head life time?
    Print head is a consumable item. The printable length is 3000m, there is a nozzle replacement message that pops up to let you know it is time to change the print head. If you turn off the message, next message will pop 1000m later. At this point it is advisable to replace the nozzle.
  11. Nozzle cleaning cycle
    ​Basic nozzle cleaning gets done automatically when necessary.
However, in order to extend the life of the nozzle, it is recommended to clean the nozzle manually ① when changing the filament material, ② after a long period of use (regardless of changing material).
For manual nozzle cleaning, please refer to '5. Maintenance' > '1. Machine Cleaning' > '1.5 Cleaning the inside of the Nozzle' in the User Manual.​ ​
  1. Precautions on using open material mode
    Sindoh works with open-source materials, however, keep in mind that Sindoh 3d Printers are optimized for Sindoh proprietary filaments. In Open Material mode, the print quality may not be as good as the proprietary filaments, and if the proper values are not set, printing may fail or the machine may be damaged, such as clogged nozzles or extruders.

When using abrasive materials (metal, luminous, etc.), please purchase and use a wear-resistant nozzle (optional). If a normal nozzle is used, severe damage to print quality may occur due to nozzle worn out.

Visit www.3dprinter.sindoh.com for video tutorials on how to load up the printer using the open material function.

  1. How do I install the app of my mobile device?
    Search 3DWOX Mobile in each respective application stores, for iPhone use the app store and for android, android market.
  2. What can I do from my mobile device?
    You can find the printer within your network and cancel the printing process.
  3. Where do I register my Sindoh product?
    Visit the manufacturer's website at 3dprinter.sindoh.com under support you can find a tab that allows you to register your product.
  4. Where can I find technical information on printing?
    Please visit the manufacturer's website at 3dprinter.sindoh.com/support/faqs