Today having a 3d printer is going one step ahead in a world that is constantly advancing in technology. This machine has surprised us at the moment of seeing it in action and it has obtained an exceptional evolution.

Can we produce everything we want with 3D printers?

In the middle of 2021, the questions about 3D printers are getting answers. It is inevitable to think that in the future we will be able to create on-demand items ranging from functional computers to body organs. One of the most popular questions that arise when we hear about 3D printers is whether we can actually prepare printed food.

The emergence of 3D printers for food is inevitable, you can already create food with some of these specialty printers, medicine has not been left behind with the development of prostheses, bones and organs printed in three dimensions, and even the automotive sector is beginning to use this technology more frequently with the production of car parts.

Revolution in production

Any modern company that doesn’t want to be left behind by what is happening in the world today should want to acquire one of these devices. We have good news for you! Currently it is easier to obtain them as well as inexpensive.

3D printers come to change the way things are manufactured and consumed, especially in the industrial field. A sample of this is the recent research conducted by scientists at the University of Texas where they found a way to 3D print steel without porosity, which facilitates the creation of lightweight, high-strength parts and objects without increasing cost.

Metallic 3D Printers

3D printing is complex and long and metallic 3D printers are not the exception. Metal 3D printers represent the digitization of metallurgical companies by decreased production phases and driving mass production. It is incredible to think of the innovation that manufacturing with these printers will generate, allowing a global economic structure where there is mass production, cheaper and faster.

This type of printing will result in a product with a handmade appearance that will be highly functional. The only problem we found is the time required to manufacture these parts, however with current advances, we can predict that this will no longer be a relevant obstacle.

The new structure

Considering that each of us is involved with industrial production because we have so many items that are part of our daily lives such as home appliances, cell phones, etc. It is inevitable to think about the new world organization that will undoubtedly generate the advancement of 3d printers of which we are already part. Design will be considered more valuable than machinery, products will have an organic appearance as well as customization based on local tastes and needs. There will be fewer warehouses and factories that will emerging demand less space, but more staff will be urban and their machines will be monitored by highly technical professionals.

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